Barn Wood Wall Panelling Brown/Black Mix


Our authentic barn wood siding, removed and sourced from barns across Canada. Brown and gray plank mix

Decades of weather conditions have created spectacular patterns and colors like you've never seen.

Perfect for adding a rustic and warm touch to any room in your home or can also be used to cover kitchen islands, barn door DIY projects and many more!

Each box contains 14 ft2 Planks are cut at 3/8" thick and range from 3" to 5"' wide, making them lightweight and can be installed by anyone.

All you need for installation is glue (PL is recommended) and finishing nails, a handsaw is needed to cut the ends to fit the size of the walls. Planks are sold in boxes containing 14 square feet per unit, to know the square footage needed for your project we have provided a simple formula (length x width (in inches) ÷ 144" = total sq. ft.)

Our boxes offer a variety of colors and textures, the colors in the box range from blonde to mixed brown. (pictures provided are actual projects made with these boxes and show a great example of the contents of the box)